About SustainableSkys

SustainableSkys is a non-profit (501C3) entity that is focused on bringing technology to the masses, that will promote a sustainable supply of healthy clean air in the earth's atmosphere. SustainableSkys' foundational supporters include some of the world's most renowned experts and innovators in air pollution recognition, quantification and abatement.

Foundational sponsors include:

    - Virtual Technology LLC, providing mobile source identification and screening tools.

    - California Air Resources Board, providing educational courses and visible emission certification.

    - Eastern Technical Associates, providing educational content and subject matter expert services.

    - Air and Waste Management Association, providing subject matter expert resources.

    - American Standards for Testing Materials, providing consensus standard support.

    - National Association of Clean Air Agencies, providing localized program and enforcement support.

    - United States Environmental Protection Agency, providing regulatory guidance and enforcement support.

    - United States Department of Defense, providing innovation testing facilities and subject matter expert support.

    - United States Agency for International Development, providing international conduits to promote clean air.

    - The World Bank, providing sustainability guidance and education.

    - Fortune 100 corporations, providing economic and behavioral expertise to enable sustainability.

    - Other industry specific sponsors, providing specific industrial sustainability expertise.

Combined, the foundational sponsors represent 100's of years of air quality management and sustainability expertise.

SustainableSkys is also sponsored through multiple universities, in kind, and 100s of other non-profits seeking to achieve similar sustainable goals for air quality on a global, regional, and local basis.

To minimize overhead and ensure donations, grants, programs and endowments serve the goal of SustainableSkys', the entitiy is operated by A small staff of extraordinary talent, supported by community level volunteer groups. The Public "Army", if you will, allows 90% of donated dollars to be used directly towards SustainableSkys' work.

SustainableSkys' President is Ms. Allison Dolan. Allison is a proven clean air and sustainable sky expert through her years of training with the California Air Resources Board and her participation in Northern Arizona Universities Environmental Studies programs. Allison has lead the charge to innovate monitoring techniques in the battle over visibility impacts on the Grand Canyon, one of her favorite day hikes. In addition Allison has performed or lead a number of analytical endeavors such as EPA 301 studies, ASTM D-7520 Large stack assesments, comparison of realtime certified stack test data with Digital Optical methods. Allison clearly understands the air "landscape" and the critical components to drive responsible, supportable change.

SustainableSkys' Manager of Communications is Ms. Sarah Karp. Sarah has extensive experience in social networking and promotions through her multitude of campaigns related to recycling and sustainable living.

SustainableSkys' Manager of Outreach is Mr. Scott Gardner. Scott has extensive field experience in visible emission management and his education degree supports his efforts to help modify human behaviors through education and awareness.

SustainableSkys' Manager of International Development is Ms. Lilian Astiz. Lilly, has extensive experience with Latin American culture and her political science background serves her well in the important international aspects of our global atmosphere.

SustainableSkys' Board of Directors is made up of five rotating experts from foundational sponsors, with direct subject matter expertise in matters relating to regulatory requirements, technology, sustainability, health effects, and air emissions. Each of our directors has at least 30 years of experience in their respective areas of expertise to promote a model that learns from the past and prevents recurrences in the future.

Allison's primary challenge is to ensure SustainableSkys returns all donations, grants, programs and endowments directly to the objective of achieving Sustainable Skies for the current and future generations of this earth.